For restaurants

Adding your new menus with photos is like posting a message on your blog. Attract your customers with an introduction of seasonal special dishes, photo galleries, coupons and more. A website with an appealing visual and a user-friendly interface will attract new and existing customers. It may bring in more traffic to your business.

For contractors, plumbers and electricians

Maintaining your business while spending most of the day outside is not easy. Being out of reach sometimes means loss of opportunities. By providing customers with information about your service, specialty, covered insurance, and the ways to contact you will enable you to quickly respond to your existing and potential customers.

For store owners

In addition to capturing the street traffic to your store, attracting potential customers online is another key for your success. Your website can be used to showcase the products you carry, and to deliver personal messages to increase your brand awareness. Sales information and coupons are a booster in your sales while being a trigger to expand your customer base. Keep the conversation going with your neighbors!

For medical offices

For anything urgent, the residents in your town want to know when doctors are in and what insurance they take. The doctors will be able to provide comprehensive and educational information about the health online, as well as providing the reminders of your services, such as flu shots and annual physics, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. A well-organized, well-updated website provides your community a peace of mind.

For consultants and accountants

For people who are looking for a business consultant or an accountant, the big question may be “Am I going to find a real professional that I can trust?” or “Is this person the best match for my needs?” Publishing your information such as your professional history, specialty, work process and case studies on your website will help you lower the bars for your prospect client and will help you connect with more people with specific needs.
Words presented and delivered.

Whether the size big or small, it is essential for a business owner to build a sophisticated image of yours and to maintain clear, personal and seamless communications with your customers. How would you present your business to the world to gain trust? What kind of message would you deliver and how often? These questions are constantly being asked when you are thinking seriously about marketing your products or services.

Simple and clear messages, along with visually sophisticated supporting materials will certainly capture hearts of many. Your website represents your business. It is your face to be shown to your customers, while taking a critical role as a window of communication.

simplewebshop provides you with a website with a friendly interface, that is simple and easy for anyone to use, and also helps you connect with your customers without a hassle, at a reasonable cost.

Supports website owners to maintain design and contents By using our optional website management service, you have an option to have us manage your website, that can give you a headache at times. This service includes tasks such as minor design changes in your website, creation of basic graphic designs, a routine backup of your website contents, functions and data, and coordinating with your internet provider when your website experiences technical issues such as slowness.

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