simplewebshop is a team of people in the creative field lead by Nakaba Egawa, a digital media consultant who is based in New York. The team consists of marketing professionals of various background including web/graphic designers, copywriters, photographers, and translators/interpreters.

Nakaba has been involved in various website design and management projects big and small since 1995. Recently, he started receiving more and more inquiries about the website design and management from small business owners and individuals, and these triggered him to establish a network of people to make things happen.

simplewebshop provides a simple and clean website design with an easy-to-use interface. It supports owners of the websites running and managing their website, primarily from a technical and graphical perspective.

simplewebshop provides the following services to its clients:

  1. State of the art website design based on the purpose, preference, schedule, and budget of the client.
  2. Website management service that continuously supports website owner to run their website without a hassle.
  3. Marketing solutions that manage professionals from related field of businesses on behalf of the client so that the projects will be carried out on time, within the budget, while maintaining the quality of services. The projects include but is not limited to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), E-commerce, integration of front-end website and corporate back-end systems, internet marketing and online advertising and branding, market research, translation, interpretation, photo and video, music creation, graphic design. This service is not only aimed at small businesses/individuals

For the details of each respective service, please browse through the “Services” pages in this website.