Website Design vs Website Management

simplewebshop provides two types of services regarding your website: Website design and website management. On first glance, these look similar, but the nature of the services are different, which we would like to explain as follows.

What is the difference between website design and management?

To make it easy, it is like building a new house and then maintaining the house afterwards.

The job for a website designer is to build a website based on the request from the client, like what a contractor does for their clients. It is completed when the website is delivered to the client.

Just after the receipt of the website, the client becomes the owner of the new website. They will be responsible for running the site, including updating the contents, making changes of the design if needed, and making sure the site is running without a problem.

It is not difficult to update contents, thanks to WordPress. You can post new information just like a blog. However, when you want to swap the photos and graphics or when you experience problems with the web server that you are storing and running your contents, you could be in trouble, unless you have experiences and knowledge of graphics and web technology.

There are several options to deal with this issue.

First, you can manage the website by yourself, if you feel comfortable about your knowledge and experiences. Second, you can ask an employee to manage it. Finally, you can hire a new person, who is outsourcing this job.

There are pros and cons for each option. If you look at the first option, the burden for the manager (mostly the business owners) would be substantive, and because of that reason, updating contents will be delayed and suspended. In the worst case scenario, the website will be abandoned. For the second and third options, careful evaluation and observation regarding the knowledge and experiences of your staff needs to be taken place, and their salary can be another headache. For outsourcing, you need to make sure that the vendor is trustworthy and make sure they have a solid organization.

simplewebshop provides website management service as an extension of its designing work. We know your website and will take care of it so you don’t have to worry about it. You can focus on your business as usual.


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