Website Design Service

simplewebshop uses an application called WordPress, a contents management software. WordPress is an easy to use application that allows users to update website contents without detailed knowledge in web technology. Updating website contents is like posting messages to a blog.

WordPress has a large-scale user community that consists of programmers and coders from around the world, who constantly provides “themes” and “design templates” that are free to use, and easy to modify, depending on the users wish (note: there are some exceptions that limit the usage). Simplewebshop takes advantage of this, allowing ourselves to customize these templates based on the client’s need

Cost for the website design varies based on the scale of the project, availability of existing materials (such as photos, graphics, texts etc. to be used for contents) which starts at $2500 (one-time fee).

The basic workflow in website design can be found in the “Workflow” page in our website.

In terms of the other projects (mostly larger projects) such as designing midsize/large size websites, designing E-commerce websites, integration of website and corporate information systems, simplewebshop will play a role as an agent, which is something similar to a general contractor in a housing industry. We will make sure that the project will be carried out smoothly from start to the end, and will complete it in time within your budget while keeping the quality of work.

Consultation is free so please feel free to contact us whenever you feel like you need a new website or your existing website needs to be updated. We are more than happy to help you.

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