Website Management Service

Nowadays, communication between businesses and their customers through digital media, such as websites and SNS (Social Network System) is becoming increasingly critical. On the other hand, we all have to remember that not just designing your own website but running it afterwards require knowledge and experiences about various technologies, which can make website management painful or costly, and sometimes both.

For example, when you experience a slowdown in the performance of your website, you may need to contact tech support of the internet provider that you are hosting your website contents, or you may need to look at the files and codes contained, to understand what is going on. If some of your files are corrupted for any reason, you may have to replace them in the right manner without destructing other files. In order to do so, you need someone who knows what to do. However, the cost to retain a person for running a website with certain level of knowledge and experiences can be expensive.

simplewebshop offers an optional service which will help you run and manage your website for a fixed monthly fee of $200. The service includes the following items:

  • Updating contents and/or working on minor design changes that are equivalent of up to 5 hours of work (regularly cost $500).
  • Coordination with a tech support of your internet provider when issues with your server occur. Checking the files to make sure that the issues are resolved.
  • Creation and submission of monthly access report of your website (using Google Analytic)
  • Regular back-up of your website design and contents and disaster recovery.

If you would like to request these services in a “pay as you go” basis, we will provide you with an estimate for each job, based on your specific request. An hourly rate for these services is $100 per hour and there is a requirement of 1 hour minimum for each job.

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